Uncanny similarity

A controversial topic of our time is ‘reincarnation’ on which I will write a post or a few posts in the coming days. It is as controversial as it is interesting. Some theories say that when a soul reincarnates, sometimes it carries imprints / impressions from a former life. Take a look at the pictures below. One of them is Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief and founder of WikiLeaks. The second person is Edgar Cayce, an American psychic, who gave around 14,000 readings in his lifetime, on topics ranging from dreams interpretation to the mystery of the Atlantis. I find a striking similarity between the two pictures, particularly in the eye region. Anybody else thinks the same?

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The mysterious Nazca lines

The Nazca lines are a series of ancient lines in the Nazca desert in southern Peru. The most amazing feature is the sheer size of this creation. The Nazca lines spread over an area of more than 125 sq. miles and contain about a thousand geometric shapes. The shapes range from straight lines to animals, birds and random geometric shapes. Some of the straight lines stretch upto 9 miles!

These lines were created by ancient people who used to live in this region thousands of years go and disappeared mysteriously about 2000 years back.

The lines were discovered in the 1920s when commercial airliners started flying over this region. From the ground level, these shapes are practically invisible. This raises several question:

1) Why would the creators of these lines create something which is visible only from the sky? Who did they create this for?
2) It is said that the straight lines were used by alien space crafts as landing strips. Is that true?
3) From where did these ancient people get modern techniques like surveying to create these lines?

Nobody knows! The videos below give us some more information about this amazing feature.

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Unexplained structures from around the world!

Much of the discussion about 21.12.2012 centers around the mysterious planet Nibiru and the Anunnakis. The question that have we been visited by aliens in the past, has been asked thousands of times. But nobody has been able to provide us with a definite answer.

However, mysterious structures have been discovered all over the world. Some of these structures have been built 12,000 years ago! And in many cases those structures had been built with stones weighing 100s of tons. Did people 12,ooo years back have the technology to lift, curve, transport and stack 100s of tons of stone blocks (something which is not always possible today even with the latest of the technologies)? Or had they been visited by technologically superior aliens from the outer space, who helped them build these massive structures?

Another riddle is the matrix, the mysterious pattern which is common in some of the structures. Its like these structures were built for a specific purpose. How could people who lived in far apart places such as France, Turkey, Peru etc have a knowledge of this common purpose?

This video tells us about some of these structures.

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